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How to extend your visa in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a great destination, many tourists and businessmen come here and want to stay longer. How to extend Vietnam Visa in case they want to stay longer? Let's us do it for you. In general, it is not very difficult to extend the Vietnam visa, however the time and required documents subject to change as the regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department.


There are two types of visa you can extend:

- One month single entry

- Three month multiple entry


The requirements to extend visa:

- Your orginal passport

- The temporary residence registration (confirmed by local police)


It normally takes 5-7 working days (Except for Saturday and Sunday) and the validity of extended visa is counted from the date you submit documents so it'd better to give us documents 10 days before your current visa is expired. The costs of visa extension depends on your port of arrival, the current type of visa and other requirements of Vietnam immigration department, please email us to get the exact fee.


You can extend visa several times after your first extended visa is expired. Contact with us now to extend your Vietnam visa!


Video tutorial: Steps to apply for a visa-on-arrival to Vietnam.